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Real Estate jobs browsed by role and some tips from our experience to choose one that suits better your personality and skill set.

In this page, you can browse by role all current Real estate jobs. Are your experience and skills more fit for estate jobs as which of the following Real estate jobs roles?
Administration (26)Branch Manager (37)Lettings Manager (34)Lettings Negotiator (133)Lister / Valuer (42)
Mortgage Advisor / Consultant (25)Property Investment Sales / Broker (3)Property Management (68)Sales Manager (49)Sales Negotiator (248)
Sales Progressor (0)Trainee Negotiator (89)   

Amongst these roles, administration positions can be considered as reassuringly stable. Most top agents have at least one full-time assistant that does the paperwork, orders inspections, creates flyers, drops off keys, etc. This is almost always set up as an hourly wage, with possible bonuses at the close of escrow. When it about the Lettings Negotiator and Sales Negotiator type of careers, instead, sometimes people are scared of frustration. Still, we do truly believe these Real estate jobs can be very rewarding: there's nothing quite like the joy of helping a family find their dream home, of watching a kid excitedly pick out their bedroom, of seeing someone who's worked tirelessly for years receive the keys to their first house. Houses are such personal purchases and real estate jobs are about helping people find somewhere they can truly call home, getting to know your own clients and their families throughout the process.

Another part of this kind of real estate jobs, in fact, is dealing with dozens of different personalities. Your clients, other real estate agents, lenders, title companies, appraisers. There are lots and lots of people involved in real estate transactions and they all have different personalities. For this, real estate jobs are never truly the same and never truly boring: that's one of the reasons why lots of people like their real estate jobs. Remember: if you're not happy with your current real estate jobs, then do try and find something new: it's time for a change!
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