Sales Negotiator job description: salary & responsibilities

Sales Negotiator job descriptionWho is a Sales Negotiator?
The Sales Negotiator role is a varied and stimulating one, encompassing skills and responsibilities from different areas within the bigger picture of real estate.

In a nutshell, your main job will be to promote and then sell a new home or commercial property to your clients. In the UK the term estate agents and sales negotiators have tended to become interchangeable with the public. One fundamental to keep in mind is the trust and relationship you will be building with your clients, which will continue well after the sale has been wrapped up. Thus, it’s important to be honest, truthful and maintain your integrity at all times.

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Sales Negotiator Responsibilities

  • Gather information about a property and arrange for pictures to be taken.
  • Meet with clients and assess their needs.
  • Show clients around a new home.
  • Market and advertise the property.
  • Reach sales targets for the company.
  • Deal with phone and email queries.
  • Liaise with all interested parties (solicitors, mortgage brokers etc).
  • Arrange for clients to sign the contract once the sale is made.
  • Maintain contact with clients after they have settled in to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Build a client base in your particular area.
  • Keep your administrative records updated.

A realistic basic Sales Negotiator Salary floats at around £20,000pa, with an OTE of circa £30,000.

We all know a commission heavy salary motivates you to continually improve upon your performance levels – in most cases, you will receive a company car, invaluable when you need to conduct multiple viewings in a single day. Many estate agents offer company funded qualifications/certificates, providing a chance to learn the industry back to front and at a theoretical level.

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