Mortgage Advisor job description: general duties and requirements

As a Mortgage Advisor or a Mortgage Consultant, you will be offering professional mortgage advice solutions accordance with Financial Services Authority Regulations, providing the most suitable mortgage advice for your company’s clients.

You will be surrounded with people in the same or similar role, with a constant aim to motivate each other to smash targets. Other tasks will involve recommending other financial services, such as house insurance to clients.

What qualifications do I need to be a mortgage broker?

The most important amongst the Mortgage Broker education requirements is the CEMAP qualification: if you’re interested in Mortgage Advisor jobs, you need to obtain your mortgage broker licence through the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice.

Some employers actually offer FREE mortgage broker training for those candidates who are truly exceptional. Yes, it is possible to land that dream career in finance and get paid to train for your CEMAP qualification! Check our Mortgage Advisor jobs and apply for the Mortgage Advisor Trainee jobs that offer this! 

You will be guided to deliver your own version of excellence, and both your trainers and your manager will drive you to be better than you ever thought possible. In these cases, the mortgage broker license course is held in the companies’ training offices with a mix of both academic and hands-on training and also the relevant CEMAP exam will be held in the companies’ training offices. You will generally receive a basic wage until your training is complete and all training and material costs will be covered by your advisor

Qualified from the CEMAP course, you will have the potential to work as a CEMAP qualified Mortgage Consultant:

Your duties will usually include

  • Meeting performance targets
  • Ability to prospect and organise meetings
  • Fact-find effectively to establish the client’s current finances and future aspirations.
  • Provide high quality professional independent mortgage advice and explain different types of mortgages available
  • Explain required insurance products so that clients can make informed choices.
  • Communicate with estate agents, mortgage lenders, solicitors and insurance providers.
  • Ensure all regulatory documentation completed within the required timescale
  • Attend monthly results meeting and present results in all targeted areas to your Sales Manager
  • Support additional income streams
  • Embrace company values and promote them effectively alongside the MAB brand.
  • Maintain Generic knowledge of the financial services industry and knowledge that is deemed necessary

The key skills required generally are

  • Good communication and listening skills.
  • Organised and with great attention to detail
  • Willingness to learn new skills and Self-motivation to seek out new opportunities
  • The ability to explain complex information clearly and simply.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Honest and trustworthy attitude.
  • Respect for confidential information.
  • Previously working in banking or sales environment is a great plus
  • A keen interest in the financial sector
  • Ambitious, driven, dedicated to career progression and willing to work both academically and practically
  • Excellent, empathetic communicator with a real flair for getting into the detail of things
  • Ability to demonstrate excellence in your field

Typical Salary and Benefits of a Mortgage Broker job

When your CEMAP training is complete, most companies offer fixed salaries of £18,000. The dream continues with a BMW or Audi when you complete your probation. Not only this, the commission structure is highly competitive, uncapped (OTE up to £80,000 and more). This potential life-enhancing, permanent, full-time role at the end of it can lead you to potentially earn a six-figure salary within a few years (top earners achieve £150K per annum).

Many companies also offer incentives like

  • Prestigious company car along with other perks throughout the year.
  • Laptop
  • 28 days holiday including statutory
  • Pension
  • Career Opportunities.
  • On-going training and development.
  • Incentives and rewards (i.e. travelling to Bangkok, New York, Abu Dhabi, etc).
  • Working with market-leading Mortgage software to provide your clients with the desirable, ‘whole of market’ option.

Check here what should never be missing in your Mortgage Advisor CV, then, when it’s ready, upload your CV, so property recruitment agencies will find you easily while recruiting for Mortgage Advisor jobs!

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