Property jobs: the Frequently Asked Questions and Industry Information

1. property jobs FAQs for employers and jobseekersProperty Jobs Key skills

In order to succeed as a Sales Negotiator, you will need to have exemplary communication and interpersonal skills. These are perhaps the most important attributes you will need, as they will influence the entire sale; you don’t need to be told what’ll happen if you remain shy throughout. You need to talk – don’t forget simple chatter – Be persuasive, embellish your descriptions, fine tune that gift of the gab you pride yourself upon.

You will need to be confident, outgoing, honest, tactful and diplomatic – strike the perfect balance between professional yet warm and friendly. Obviously, the key to any sales role is you need to know how to sale. Have determination, self-motivation, patience (vital with an indecisive client), and an understanding of the business you represent. Equally, make sure you’re able to listen to your clients’ questions or doubts, be quick witted so you can formulate appropriate answers; if you seem confident in your responses, it’ll reassure the client and may encourage the sale.

2. Property Jobs Roles

While some may hit the jackpot and go straight into a Sales Negotiator role, you may be required to work your way around a company before getting exactly where you want to be. Perhaps you’re not even bothered about being a Sales Negotiator and actually want a job in or around the industry?

Thankfully, there are plenty of routes into the industry, with each and every one of them suiting some people better than others. Some of the main areas of expertise are listed below, be sure you familiarise yourself with each and every one of them and assess which would be best for you. The more you know about the roles surrounding the industry, the most common salaries per annum, OTE, etc., the smarter you’ll look during the interview that sends you on your chosen career path.

a. Property Administrator job description

b. Trainee Negotiator

c. Lettings Negotiator job description

d. Mortgage Advisor job description

e. Property Valuer job description

f. Sales Negotiator job description (FAQ: Requirements to become a real estate agent)

g. Property Manager job description

h. Lettings Manager salary and job description

i. Sales Manager job profile

j. Branch Manager job description

3. Property Jobs Sectors

Alongside a wide array of roles, there is a number of different sectors you can expect to be working within. Knowing the sector you’re dealing in can make or break the perfect sale, so make sure you brush up on the different sectors we’ve listed below. You may end up specialising in one sector, or you may work across them all, that’s entirely in the hands of the company you end up working for.

a. Commercial Property definition

b. Residential Property definition

c. Land Purchase and Developments

d. Mortgages Advice

e. New build home deals

If you have any other questions about Property Jobs and the estate industry, please contact us and we’ll add yours to the list, too.

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