Is being a real estate agent a good career or an obsolete one?

Is being a real estate agent a good career We have been asked recently if is being a real estate agent a good career, with all digitalisation and emerging Proptech, that may almost lead to think this as a job path that may not have such a great future as its present is and its past has been.

To answer the question, think of this: if you could just jump online and buy a house you wouldn’t need any real estate agent. Actually, there are auction sites where you can buy a house online, so you really don’t need a real estate agent.

A real estate agent will make the difference thanks to the marketing, the access to all of the homes, knowledge of certain neighbourhoods, the understanding of contracts, or all the background expertise about inspections. But it’s not only just for that!

Buying a house should be easy. You should be able to go out and find a house you like, and then buy it. But there’s so much drama.

A real estate agent will always have a job, thanks to human nature.

In every real estate transaction at least one of the parties encounters some moments in which they loose reasoning, logic and rationality somewhere along the way. And that’s normal because a real estate sale is probably the highest pound transaction a regular person will ever be involved it. It creates a huge amount of stress.

The real estate agent’s inescapable value is to keep the other side honest and to let problems fade away when they appear.

Honestly, any real estate agent would rather deal with sane people. But when one of your transactions will be blowing up, try and think, “That’s our job, that’s the reason they need us. Let’s go save somebody’s world again…”

So, if you feel ready to go save the world… check all real estate jobs and apply, to have your chance to make the difference.




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