Rango’s hot stone steak Restaurant in London

rangos-logo-featuredEver since prehistory, rocks have been used to cook food because of their ability to retain and emit heat. In New Zealand, Maori People still keep cooking with stones placed in a hole in the ground: this primaeval method is the choice of Rango’s hot stone steak Restaurant in London.

Your meal will be served to you on a bed of lava rock, held within the custom made recess of a bamboo board. In the purpose-built oven, the stone reaches a temperature of 260 degrees, retaining it for 40mins before starting the cooling process. 

Hot stones ensure that your meal will never burn, char or become dry and provide also a healthy way of cooking your food: the high, dry heat of your stone sears in the natural juices of your meat or fish rendering the need for additional cooking oils unnecessary and keeping all food’s natural flavour and tenderness, with no shrinkages.rango-s-food

None will overcook your meal because you will be cooking it yourself with those hot stones: the staff will give you instructions on how they work and how long to leave your meal to cook per side depending on how you’d like it cooked.

After the starters, you can choose your main course, served on the Stone with 3 dipping sauces, amongst Scotch Sirloin Steak, Aged Scotch Beef Fillet Steak, Lamb Steak; also a Seafood platter or the Fish of the day on the Stone can be chosen, together with tasty sides and extra Dipping Sauces, if desired.

rangos-friday-nightAt Lunchtime, from 12pm-3pm Monday to Friday, you can get your Lunch on the Hot Stone just for £12.95 with a free drink.

Further to the sensational dining experience with the best possible steaks and the tastefully assembled wine list, you’ll be also able to enjoy cocktail nights (with 2 for 1 Cocktails offer every Thursday between 5-7pm) with live music.

1 Gerrard Place, London, W1D 5PA (Enter New World Chinese Restaurant and proceed downstairs to the basement on left.)
Leicester Square Station (Northern, Piccadilly)
0207 118 3311
Opening Hours:

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